My name is Adam Howell. 👋

I live and run and play with my wife and three kids in beautiful Charlotte, NC. 🌇

Several years ago I was cut in front of by Sergey Brin in the breakfast line at Google HQ. He walked right in front of me like he owned the place and snagged the last pancake. 🥞

And once I was minutes away from going on Good Morning America to talk about a viral tweet of mine. But Olive Garden thought #menufort was harmful to their brand and killed the segment. 🍷

During my 15 year career I’ve worked as a designer, manager, and director for startups like JotSpot, consultancies like Skookum Digital Works, and corporations like EMC and Google. 💻

I currently work remotely for the San Francisco-based startup Lithium as a senior designer in professional services. I get to work on great communities like Airbnb, Google Local Guides, and many more. 👌

After my wife and kids go to bed I make stickers and other fine digital goofs for my little company Mocksy, I write articles when I feel like I have something to say, and I post photos and videoscomics, animated gifs, and bad jokes at @ahow. 📱