In 2014, bootstrapped startup Evolve launched to five small field service companies.

Soon, Evolve's combination of a back-office web app – for scheduling and customer management – and an out-in-the-field mobile app – for day-to-day tasks and routing – was helping companies with $100+ million in yearly revenue run their businesses.

I joined Evolve in 2019 to help lead the team, revamp the web and iOS apps, update the brand, and create new sales and marketing materials.

Revamped web and iOS apps

The 1.0 Evolve product was functional, but dated and loaded with technical debt.

My team and I helped create a design system that modularized the application – making it possible to build new screens with “off the shelf” design elements – and simplified new and existing screens to make it easier for users to understand the myriad functionality of some of Evolve's more complex features.

In addition to updating existing functionality, I lead the design, development, and QA teams through the process of creating and launching new features and product offerings – things like GPS gamification and customized reports – in order to drive more revenue from existing customers and help acquire new customers.

Updated brand

Much like the 1.0 Evolve application, the 1.0 Evolve brand was also outdated.

Old 1.0 Evolve logo

I brainstormed several different ideas for a new Evolve brand, got by-in from across the company to get started on the rebranding project, and then worked with the team at Social Design House to create a more modern logo and typeface that better suited the startup's new direction.

2.0 Evolve logo brainstorming

New 2.0 Evolve logo, color palette, and mobile icon

New sales and marketing materials

Once there was a new brand and direction for the company, it was time to update the existing sales and marketing materials to reflect that.

I again worked with the team from Social to create a new marketing website for Evolve that now drives 225% more traffic and referrals than the previous site.