In the summer of 2018 a small team of people who enjoyed working together started OkClear.

We were a startup in every sense of the word. Well funded but working out of the founder's house with a senior team in search of an idea we were all passionate about.

In the beginning, the one thing we agreed on was that we wanted to improve mobile business communication. From that starting point, I began work on the company name and branding, the product design, and the initial marketing.

Name and branding

From that initial direction, I came up with the name OkClear, we secured the domain name, and I  went through the exercise of brainstorming the new brand.

Early OkClear logo brainstorming

OkClear logo, colorscheme, and app icon

Product design

The underlying theme of "improving mobile business communication" was a constant in the early days of OkClear, so we set out to build a smarter communication app.

We started with interviewing family and friends, and then acquantinces and other professionals, to find out what they liked and didn't like about their current mobile experience, and to see if there was an opportunity for us to find a gap in the market.

After several rounds of wireframes and tappable prototypes, we moved into the mockup stage, and I started working alongside our backend and mobile engineers as we set out to build the initial working prototype.

Initial marketing

The early website presented the challenge of needing to be vague but eye-catching.

I worked with the team at Social Design House and they did a great job of creating something memorable and flexible.